Exercise Report Card 12: A Pre-Emptive Strike

This week I am very aware that (a) I’ve been out for dinner twice and (b) the Easter holiday is coming up.

It’s sad but since I’ve started this mission to get fit, I find eating out and going on holiday stressful. After all, I just know that healthy eating and exercising is probably about to go out of the window. So this past week (and this following week) is about trying to minimize the damage with pre-emptive exercise.

This week’s report card reads like so:

Monday, Saturday, Sunday: 30 minutes walking

Tuesday, Friday: 30 minutes Pilates

Five bouts of admittedly fairly gentle exercise.  But weigh-in on Thursday showed a loss of another pound, yay!

I’m not sure whether I can face another weigh-in this week or next week.  Time will tell….

8 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 12: A Pre-Emptive Strike

  1. Valerie

    It’s challenging around the holidays, but it’s only a few days and all your hard work will remain, so don’t worry! ❤

  2. pinkbekah

    “Stressful” is the prefect word to describe to my husband how I feel when we eat out all the time on weekends! I work so hard to eat healthy during the week, and I know I’ll be tempted to order unhealthy but delicious tasting food when we’re out.
    I guess I should probably take a cue from you and supplement my healthy eating with some exercising! Although between nursing two kids all day and keeping my house clean I feel like I get a pretty good workout simply keeping the house from burning down! 😉

    1. multimummy Post author

      I’m kinda hoping the ‘eat healthy five days a week, relax on weekends’ somehow balances out! There’s no way I can deny myself all the delicious food out there! And if you’re still nursing surely that gives you a free pass!

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