Beautiful Mama Blog Award 2


Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Valerie has also nominated me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. As a relatively ‘new’ mum (can you still say that if your kids are 16 months?), these awards hold a special place for me. Valerie has a fantastic blog at atlantamomofthree, I cannot recommend it enough.

To accept the award, nominees have to do the following things:

1. Click the above award image, save it and use it in your acceptance post.
2. List 3 things you love about motherhood.
3. Nominate other deserving mamas; you may choose as many as you like.

Here are my second batch of three things that I love about motherhood:

1. The way BabyBoy and BabyGirl have started running over and hugging my legs when I’m standing up – it’s so adorable!

2. Knowing that every day these two little people need me.

3. Looking at my children and seeing that people are born co-operative, innocent and wonderful.

And drumroll please for the my new nominees:

Tabbi Marie


Pink Bekah

Congratulations Beautiful Mamas!

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Mama Blog Award 2

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