ERC 16: H.A.L.T.

A fellow Weight Watcher once set out these barriers to weight loss in a meeting:

H – hunger (going too long between meals / snacks)
A – anger
L – loneliness
T – tiredness

Well, today I am discovering how true the ‘T’ is – I’m tired and I just keep eating in the vain hope that I’ll perk up once I’ve got some more food inside me. Which is depressing, because I’ve actually had a good week exercise-wise:

Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday: 30 minutes power walk (two lots on Sunday)

Wednesday, Friday: 30 minutes Pilates

Thursday: 30 minutes exercise bike

Exercised six days out of seven, and I’ve been feeling pretty good, despite being busy and Thursday’s weigh-in showing I’d only dropped 0.2kg. Just kept reminding myself to trust the process.

And then….today hit. And whether it was back-to-back appointments getting in the way of exercise, or too much coffee, or just the tiredness catching up with me….I’ve felt pretty awful.

And so….to bed. Night night.

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