ERC 17: (Belated) Last Hurrah

And so, we come to the last Exercise Report Card. Over the past few months I’ve upped my activity level, discovered that doing exercise while having children is possible, and dropped almost 6kg. It’s been slow, but hopefully it’s sustainable in this new life of mine!

This week’s exercise panned out as follows:

Tuesday, Friday: 30 minutes Pilates
Wednesday: 30 minutes power walk
Sunday: 1 hour gentle hike with the kids.

Dropped 0.4kg at Thursday’s weigh-in, met my four bouts of exercise goal, and generally been feeling pretty energetic. Going out on a high….

2 thoughts on “ERC 17: (Belated) Last Hurrah

  1. pinkbekah

    Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like you’ve been working hard! I try to keep ‘fit’ by watching what I eat, but lately I’ve not been strict enough and I’m afraid I’m coming to that point in my life when diet alone isn’t enough. Such a shame as I don’t really care for exercise. I will check out your other report cards and hopefully be inspired!

    1. multimummy Post author

      Realizing that diet alone isn’t enough is something that really makes me feel like I’m getting older…having a really hard time adjusting to the idea…


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