Swim diapers – not what they seem

Be wary, oh first time user of the disposable swim diaper. A swimming essential is this, but it is not a true diaper.

How do we know? Well, we went over to some neighbors and the plan was we’d take all the kids down to the pool. Being super-organized Multiparents, we decided to put BabyBoy and BabyGirl in their swim gear before we left the house.

Mistake mistake mistake. While waiting for our friends to gather up their things, a little puddle appeared in their living room near BabyBoy.

Yes, those swim ‘diapers’ are only for number twos (which makes sense once we thought about it since they’re about to get soaking wet while swimming).

Oh the embarrassment.

4 thoughts on “Swim diapers – not what they seem

  1. pinkbekah

    Invest in cloth swim diapers! Even if you don’t want to cloth diaper full time, it makes sense. You’re right, swim diapers are only designed to contain poop and not pee, to me it doesn’t makes sense to buy disposable swim diapers when you can buy cloth and use it on mulitple children as much as you want!


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