Cartoony Fun?

Every time I walk into my doctor’s waiting room, I see a television with Tom & Jerry cartoons playing. And it always makes me a little uncomfortable.

I watched Tom & Jerry as a kid, and I’ve never dropped an anvil on someone’s head. Nor have I set a cat’s tail on fire or strung up a mouse in a window blind. But I was never a huge fan.

And here is, I think, why. At the core of these cartoons is violence. OTT, ultimately fake, violence, but still violence. And why would I want to watch what is effectively torture in my free time? I can, but why would I?

I can’t say yet that I’ll totally ban Tom & Jerry from my house as BabyBoy and BabyGirl get older. But I’ll certainly not be encouraging it.

3 thoughts on “Cartoony Fun?

  1. Bethany K

    I never think about this stuff. I happened to JUST see a post yesterday that was a video compilation of all the violence in Disney movies. It’s surprising seeing it all together! Granted, I grew up watching that stuff, and I turned out fine. 🙂

    1. multimummy Post author

      It’s surprising how much violence there is in kid’s stuff. But most of it seems to go right over their heads (certainly seems to have gone over mine)!


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