Great Expectations

Is there anything sadder that realizing that some people, most people, are destined to disappoint you?

Well, yes, no doubt I could reel off a list of sadder things. War, abuse, natural disasters, industrial accidents, terminal illness….to name but a few. But leaving those aside; in normal, run-of-the-mill, first-world daily life, the knowledge that most people are not going to live up to the high expectations I have of them is both frustrating and terribly sad.

I guess the solution is to lower my expectations. Instead of expecting friends to be available, expect them to squeeze you in in three weeks time. Instead of expecting to hear from extended family on a weekly basis, expect them to phone on special occasions. Accept the new reality that (apart from the extremely few people who are very very close) the vast majority of people in life are transient, that things change, and the most permanent things are now probably virtual.

Great expectations? Not today.

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