Safety….versus Feminism?

Hong Kong’s Security Secretary stirred up a media firestorm recently with comments advising women to drink less alcohol in light of the recent increase in rape statistics in Hong Kong.

I’m not going to debate the rights and wrongs of a public official making such comments in this post. I want to look at this from a parenting point of view. As a parent, will I encourage my daughter to avoid getting drunk? Absolutely.

There are rapists in the world. That their victim is drunk does not in any way diminish the severity of their crime. And by no means am I suggesting that all rape victims are drunk. But it would be disingenuous to suggest that being inebriated does not increase vulnerability. So to try and keep my daughter as safe as possible I will advise her not to get drunk. Just like I’ll tell her to carry an alarm and not to take unlicensed minicabs.

To me, this isn’t about feminism. It is living in the harsh, real world.

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