The Grandparent Files: You’re a Teacher!

Adding to the list of ‘did my mother-in-law really mean that’ sayings…

18-month old BabyGirl was being a bit cheeky – she was standing on a battery-operated toy. I told her ‘we use our hands, not our feet’ (something I’m saying on a daily basis right now), and when she just sort of looked at me I went over and gently moved her feet.

Then, BabyGirl, cheeky one that she is, stood on the toy again. Same process repeated, with same result.

This third time, I took the toy away and put it just out of reach but where she could see it. It took a few seconds for her to realized what had happened. Then a little howl of protest erupted.

Taking the toy I gave it back to BabyGirl, saying ‘we use our hands to play, not our feet’. BabyGirl (hopefully getting the message) popped the toy on the floor and sat down to play with it.

MIL looks from me to BabyGirl and says, ‘Your mother is a teacher’.

Er, yes? If I don’t teach them, who will?

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