Sesame Street Careers

Princesses have been in the news recently. Not actual princesses (although Kate Middleton’s pregnancy continues to make headlines) but fictional princesses, most obviously the Keep Merida Brave campaign.

Many many little girls go through the ‘princess phase’. Perhaps it’s more obvious than before due to the widely-available and affordable Disney merchandise, but I recall loving the Disney princesses as a child.

However, did I want to become a princess? Well, I can assure you that ‘being a princess’ did not factor into my eventual career choice.

But for anyone with a little girl (or boy) who you think might be leaning a little too far along the princess (prince) line, here’s an absolutely wonderful clip from Sesame Street, where Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gently places princess play exactly where it belongs.


Note: if the link doesn’t work for some reason, google ‘Sesame Street Sonia Sotomayor’.

1 thought on “Sesame Street Careers

  1. Valerie

    I’ve always loved the clothes they get to wear but the lifestyle seems pretty boring and most princesses seem to wish they weren’t one so they could be “normal”. 😉 Love the Disney princesses, but I’ve never wanted to be one!


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