The Grandparent Files – Rudeness

I have a fraught relationship with my in-laws at the best of times. I’ve attended parent coaching to try and improve things. I’m trying to forgive them for the mess they made around the birth of my children. I’ve let them come and visit four times in the past six weeks.

But now I’ve officially HAD ENOUGH. I had minor surgery two days ago. Very routine, all is going well. In-laws came to visit today. BabyGirl had been having a meltdown so Multidaddy and I were just strapping the children into the stroller to take them out for a walk to calm everyone down when the doorbell rang.

In swooped the in-laws. A babble of loud voices turned an already tense atmosphere into an even worse one. Bags were dropped in my hallway. And before I barely had time to turn around my children has been taken out of the door for their walk, with Multidaddy quickly saying ‘you rest now that they’re here’ as he ran after them.

Not one ‘hello’ to me. Not one ‘how are you feeling?’ Not a tiny acknowledgement that I was right there.

That’s it. I’ve been nice. I no longer want them in my house. It’s time to scale back the visits.

2 thoughts on “The Grandparent Files – Rudeness

  1. Alyssa

    No fun! Unfortunately it is not uncommon for in laws to have an unbalanced love for the children over the in law child. My father in law is surprisingly amazing at realizing that he wouldn’t have such ‘amazing grandchildren’ were it not for his daughter in law, but I have no idea how you could teach your in laws to have the same respect 😦

    1. multimummy Post author

      You’re lucky to have such a great FIL!

      I guess I don’t expect my in-laws to love me like they love their son or grandchildren, but I do expect them to respect me… After all, I cannot bring myself to call my mother-in-law ‘mom’ however much it is the done thing in her culture to do so. I’ve got my own mum – I don’t want a replacement!


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