The Grandparent Files: Detachment

Motherhood has brought many many changes. But one of the changes I was not expecting was how much it would require me to detach myself from my ‘original’ family in order to create my ‘own’ one.

It’s been a terribly sad process. My old family was very very close. And on the face of it sometimes we still are. But sometimes, sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that my old family is just not the same now I have children.

Today is an example. Weeks ago, I chose Father’s Day presents from BabyBoy and BabyGirl for my father, their grandfather (they’re only 18 months old, so they can’t choose). I had them sent over since we are currently overseas.

Today, I called ‘home’ to wish my dad happy Father’s Day and to make sure he got the gifts.

And the reaction was a total let-down. He opened the presents while I was on the phone but there was only the tiniest hint of pleasure in his voice. Basically, he isn’t bothered about Father’s Day, and not even gifts from his only grandkids is going to change that.

That hurts.

1 thought on “The Grandparent Files: Detachment

  1. Christie Silver

    That is painful. Holidays always set up for expectations from our families, don’t they? I find myself often on the other end – that I don’t make enough fuss and my loved ones feel hurt. I hope you had a better holiday within your own family.


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