Blurred Lines?

Here’s the thing about parenthood – things that in your pre-baby life didn’t really bother you suddenly assume far greater importance once you have another human being (or two) to bring up.

I’ve had a blogging break over the summer, but the whole Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus controversy has spurred me back into action, because I’m now imaging what I’d say to my children should they stand by and ask “What’s this all about, Mummy?”

First of all, let’s admit that I’ve been merrily humming along to the song ‘Blurred Lines’ when it’s come on the car radio for most of the summer (note: I never have the radio on when BabyBoy and BabyGirl are in the car – then it’s nursery rhyme central). I couldn’t work out the rapping bits (who does, unless you deliberately look up the lyrics?) but I’ve caught myself singing along to snatches of the ‘singing’ bits.

So the song, in my opinion, is very catchy, and can quite easily stand on it’s own ‘merits’.

Now ‘merits’ is in inverted commas because of the accusations leveled at it recently that it is ‘rapey’. Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure that that is true. Yes, I have now googled the lyrics to see what the fuss is about. Certainly it has some talk about what a girl ‘really wants’, some lyrics (particularly in the rap section) are distasteful, and it’s certainly not a family-friendly song, but is it encouraging rape…? Actually, I don’t think so.

However, the music video that accompanies the song…..well, the unrated version is just downright unnecessary. I only watched the video today and I find it sad that the singers, producers, or whoever makes these decisions thought that a song which already is very catchy needed the shock value of the unrated video. Because it didn’t. I am fairly sure that the song would have done well without a video full of literally topless models and farm animals. It’s disturbing. The fact that the animals made the cut into the ‘clean’ version is even more worrying.

And finally, the performance at the VMAs. Well, the look of disbelief on many of the audience’s faces says it all. When you’ve got people like Rihanna (not exactly the shy and retiring type) looking slightly stunned you know something, somewhere has come unstuck. The most profound feeling I had on watching that was pity (pushing disgust into second place). Pity for the performers who looked foolish, pity for the audience who had to watch what was a weirdly lacklustre performance….and pity for the parents / guardians who have to navigate this sort of minefield with their children.

BabyBoy and BabyGirl are still in the nursery rhyme stage, for which I am thankful… gives me a little more time to work out how, how, how I would discuss such a topic with them without simply shrieking “Please don’t do that!!!”

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