Picking up Cosmo

So today I indulged in a pedicure and the friendly nail therapist handed me a copy of Cosmopolitan to while away the time. Needing a break from my phone, and vaguely remembering the Cosmo quizzes from Bridget Jones’ heyday, I idly flicked over some of the pages.

’12 kinky quickies!’

‘Get what you want in bed!’

‘The sexy power issue!’

And that was just the front page. As I read into the magazine it felt like virtually every other word was about sex.

Ugh. I actually felt quite ill after a while.

I’m not easily shocked by sex. And of course I’d read Cosmo before. But there’s a difference between being sex-positive and hitting your readers over the head with a sex sledgehammer. So either I never noticed / really thought about sex that much back in the day when I used to come into contact with Cosmo more often, or in the past few years the heat has been turned way up.

I don’t know. I haven’t trawled through years of Cosmo back-issues to find out. But what I do know is that Cosmo will not be finding it’s way into my house. I’m sure BabyGirl will (when she’s older!) come across Cosmo at the hairdressers, with her friends, maybe even in the nail salon. But she’ll not be thinking that this is something Mummy reads on a regular basis.

Because the sex-sledgehammer tactics ultimately made for a magazine that put sex at the core of everything. Which I take leave to doubt is the way it should be.

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