The On-Going Costume Debacle

At the moment I feel like I’m the only person in the world like this, but you know what, Halloween does nothing for me. I feel weird celebrating ghosts, skeletons, murderers…and seeing three year olds in scream masks and babies wearing devils horns creeps me out.

It does even less for me now I have my own very young children. BabyBoy and BabyGirl are almost two. This weekend started the round of Halloween parties. Which of course all require dressing up. Have you tried forcing a costume on an almost-2-year-old who doesn’t have the foggiest idea what you’re trying to do but would rather wear the favorite outfit that they’ve just spied in the wardrobe? Not fun.

After last year’s debacle (major last-minute panic as I realized that dressing up not-yet-1-year-olds has become de rigueur and I missed the memo) I started thinking about costumes early this year. Specifically, costumes that would be so easy to wear that the kids wouldn’t actually realize they were in costume.

First, we found wonderful bee and bear costumes – which were basically just a top and trousers with a big bee and a big bear on the tops. Excellent, I thought. Easy peasy outfits that look cute. Done.

But the weather hasn’t cooled down. I can’t send the kids out in long sleeves and trousers. They’ll bake.

So idea number 2 was to make crowns and go as a king and queen. Put BabyGirl in a frilly dress that she already has but never wears because, let’s face it, it’s not exactly conducive to running and climbing all over the place. BabyBoy can be in the mini suit that he wore as a page boy earlier this year. Pop crowns on and voilà!

The kids had a blast making the crowns. We were finding glitter around the house for days. I was thrilled at how good they turned out.

Except for one tiny problem: there was no way the kids were keeping their crowns on. No, they pulled them straight off when we put them on this morning. So I spent the entirety of our first Halloween party of the year explaining that ‘they had crowns, but they didn’t last very long’.

And feeling like a slight failure as a mother. Clearly everyone else has got their kids into a costume. Why can’t I?

So now I’m furiously scratching around for idea number 3 for our remaining parties.

Please someone cancel all costume requirements for the under-3s. Please.

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