Ignoring the world

Today was one of those days. One of those days when I’m glad that I have perfected the art of pretending the rest of the world isn’t there and is not staring and judging my parenting.

Thank goodness I learned this trick early.

When BabyBoy and BabyGirl were younger, it was about ignoring stares when they cried (hey, they’re babies, crying is their way of telling me they’re hungry / tried / bored / need a change…). It was also about ignoring people who threw me dirty looks as I called out ‘excuse me’ so that I could get past on the sidewalk / struggled down a supermarket aisle with a huge double stroller – yes, you, I’m asking you to move, as we do take up quite a lot of space.

Today, however, it was about ignoring the looks as BabyGirl threw a strop because her snack had finished. I’d taken them both out to a cafe with a play area. Of course, neither wanted to play and instead asked for a snack. Fair enough (although we’d had a snack before we’d left home, but I get that it’s confusing being in a cafe and not eating). So we had a snack. And then it finished. And then BabyGirl got frustrated and proceeded to cry, attempt to hit me (where did she learn to do that? we never hit), and attempt to throw the utensils on the table at me.

How to make a toddler tantrum in a crowded cafe worse? Have her brother join in the howling.

With magnificent (even though I say it myself) disregard for everyone around me, and without looking up to see whether anyone was indeed staring (though I’m 99.99% sure they were), I caught BabyGirl’s arms so that no hitting or throwing actually occurred, scooped her up, held BabyBoy by his shoulder, and chivvied them both in the direction of the bookshelf.

Where they both rejected the first three books I picked up, but the fourth found favor.

Was I a mean mummy for not buying more snacks for my children? Frankly, if anyone watching me thought so, it’s lucky they didn’t tell me. I was not in the mood for unsolicited advice.

3 thoughts on “Ignoring the world

  1. Shannon

    That is so rough! My aunt raised me with her two other children and we are all around the same age with a year difference. So we raised hell as toddlers I give you props for being able to be so calm. My aunt probably would of taken us home. And people stare all the time if a baby is screaming as if we shouldn’t take our children out, it is stupid! Keep doing what you are doing! Being a parent is so hard, we should get awards lol


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