The Grazed Knee Apocalypse

Do you remember a time when you tripped over and grazed your knee in the playground? How the wound was cleaned up and perhaps a band aid put on it? And did it have a profound traumatizing effect on your life?

You’d think most people’s answers would be ‘yes, yes, no’.

Multidaddy, however, seems to be of the ‘yes, yes, yes’ variety. Yesterday, BabyGirl was wearing a dress. We had gone to the local playground and the kids were running around. And then she tripped, and grazed her knee.

A graze. A teeny tiny bit of blood on the surface. Not even meriting a band aid.

Now, BabyGirl is just two. She tends to remind us during the day that she has grazed her knee. To which my usual reply is ‘Your knee is fine darling, Mummy had looked at it’.

But BabyGirl has never grazed her knee when Multidaddy has been around before.

So this morning BabyGirl was asking to wear a dress again. No problem, I pull one out.

And Multidaddy pulls out a pair of leggings.

‘It’s not that cold’, I say, slightly confused as it’s warmer than yesterday, really not meriting a rather odd dress-and-leggings-combo.

‘I don’t want her to graze her knee,’ says Multidaddy.

Well, yes, no-one wants their kids to graze their knees. But that’s a normal part of growing up, right?

So now BabyGirl has gone off to the park with Multidaddy, a dress, and leggings.

And I’m wondering how Multidaddy is going to help our kids with the ups and downs of life if a grazed knee is causing this much concern…

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