Modern Miracles

BabyBoy and BabyGirl have been ill. With some sort of bug. Nothing too serious, just miserable.

BabyBoy got it first. Not knowing what we were dealing with we kept an eye on him for a few days. On day 4 we took him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed antibiotics.

And on day 5, the change was immense. He perked up. His temperature was down. Still no appetite, but much much happier.

One day. Just one day of modern antibiotics. And my little boy is back.

If we didn’t have antibiotics, he’d still be suffering. Still staring at me with those large, questioning eyes – ‘Mummy, what’s happening?’ His little body would still be under attack from whatever bug it was.

It is times like these when it hits me – modern medicine is just simply amazing. Utterly, utterly amazing.

And I remember to be so, so grateful.

BabyGirl caught the bug from her brother. No hanging around this time – straight to the doctor, where modern miracles happen.

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