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All your toddler wants for Christmas is….you!

As the shops get crowded and we begin stressing about whether we have enough food in for Christmas dinner, it’s reassuring to look at our toddlers and think that, to them, this is all extra.

A toddler doesn’t mind if the cranberry sauce has gone missing or you forgot to flambé the Christmas pudding.

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10 Great Reasons I Love My Kids

Sometimes, a lot of times, parenting is hard, unrelenting work.

But if there’s a shadow of a threat to your children, suddenly the hormones kick in. Those are my wonderful, amazing children!

So although it’s a bit soppy here are 10 Great Reasons Why I Love My Kids So Much (original list from this link):

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‘My parents were not strict…now I’m mediocre’

Sometimes, sometimes you’re not sure whether someone is joking or deadly, heartbreakingly, serious.

Recently I observed a debate on schooling – how strict parents should be with children, and whether tutoring in the primary years is good or bad.

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Modern Miracles 2: Just ordered coffee – on my phone

Back in the day (was it really only 15 years ago?) a phone was just that, a phone. A device for talking to other people.

Over the past few days I have been in awe of the sheer amount of things I can do on my smartphone. For one thing, I’m writing this post on it. I can check email, go to the supermarket, pay my bills, keep an eye on the baby monitor and yes, even put in an order for coffee. Continue reading

When support becomes insupportable

So recently I reached out to a friend for support. BabyBoy and BabyGirl had been all over the place for days, and I needed some reassurance that this was normal toddler behavior (which I know it is, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else, and I was hoping for some other ideas on how to cope).

When you’ve had to abandon an outing because your kids are having a meltdown, the absolute last thing you need is a message saying, ‘Sorry, my kid is totally amazing and never freaks out ever’. (Ok I’m paraphrasing, but only a bit). Continue reading