Modern Miracles 2: Just ordered coffee – on my phone

Back in the day (was it really only 15 years ago?) a phone was just that, a phone. A device for talking to other people.

Over the past few days I have been in awe of the sheer amount of things I can do on my smartphone. For one thing, I’m writing this post on it. I can check email, go to the supermarket, pay my bills, keep an eye on the baby monitor and yes, even put in an order for coffee.

It is amazing, the things we can now do on a device which is smaller than your hand. It has revolutionised where we can do things – Christmas shopping while waiting at the doctor’s surgery anyone?

15 years ago, I could not fathom why you would want a phone that did anything other than call other people and possibly send a text message. Video messaging seemed ridiculous, online shopping the lair of conmen. Remember the failure of landline phones that had built-in video screens? That, it seemed, would be the fate of the smartphone.

And yet, today the smartphone is both ubiquitous and essential. They are a modern miracle.

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