10 Great Reasons I Love My Kids

Sometimes, a lot of times, parenting is hard, unrelenting work.

But if there’s a shadow of a threat to your children, suddenly the hormones kick in. Those are my wonderful, amazing children!

So although it’s a bit soppy here are 10 Great Reasons Why I Love My Kids So Much (original list from this link):

1. They will hug you, even when you are trying to walk, and mean every moment of it. (Yes, they really do the walking thing. Sometimes it’s super-cute. Sometimes it makes you feel bad that you have to detach them from you but you really need the bathroom.)

2. When they have a bad dream they will come to you for comfort, and when you have a bad dream they will come and comfort you.

3. Children don’t care what you look like; you are still one of the most beautiful people in the world to them. (I remember this when seeing my stretch marks.)

4. They know when you are sad and don’t care why; all they want to do is make it better.

5. A perfect day is spent with their family, playing at the park and having ice cream. (I love love love this. Long may it last!)

6. They still believe that they can be and do anything with all of their heart. (You can honey. You can.)

7. Kids think YOU can do anything with all of their heart and believe in you more than you can ever believe in yourself. (Even when it whether I can chase away that big scary spider that appeared in the kitchen….)

8. Having a fun day with them can make you forget the things that stress you out.

9. A child can have just as much fun with a card board box than a $300 gadget. (A useful thing to remember with christmas right around the corner.)

10. That moment when you look in on them as they sleep and you remember that nothing in the world can be more perfect.

Thank you for my children.

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