All your toddler wants for Christmas is….you!

As the shops get crowded and we begin stressing about whether we have enough food in for Christmas dinner, it’s reassuring to look at our toddlers and think that, to them, this is all extra.

A toddler doesn’t mind if the cranberry sauce has gone missing or you forgot to flambé the Christmas pudding.

They don’t care that your tree ornaments are not colour-coordinated, or that you forgot to add your brother’s friend from high school to your Christmas card list.

And really, they are not that bothered about how many presents are under the tree.

Toddlers are at that magic age where they can enjoy the festivities without expectations. If you’re feeling that your reserves are getting a little low as Christmas preparations take over, take a look at a toddler’s face. As long as they have their family, they really don’t ask for anything more.

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