‘I can’t remember life without kids’

Sometimes, this will pop up in your newsfeed on Facebook. Sometimes it’ll be a message from a friend telling you how over-the-moon they are. ‘Oh, I just can’t imagine (or remember) my life without children.’

Are you kidding me???

I certainly remember life pre-babies. And it was awesome. I had an awesome job. Awesome social life. Time both to sleep-in and to take awesome vacations.

I’m not saying my life was better pre-babies. It was different. And my post-babies life is awesome in different ways.

But you ‘can’t imagine’ or ‘don’t remember’? What are you trying to prove?


One thought on “‘I can’t remember life without kids’

  1. Christie Silver

    Well, it is such a different world that it is hard to remember sometimes. Life seems normal the way that it is, with babies. I sometimes tell my friends who are getting ready to start a family that they’ll never think about themselves again. Maybe it changes when they get a little older, I don’t know.


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