‘I can’t remember life without kids’

Sometimes, this will pop up in your newsfeed on Facebook. Sometimes it’ll be a message from a friend telling you how over-the-moon they are. ‘Oh, I just can’t imagine (or remember) my life without children.’

Are you kidding me???

I certainly remember life pre-babies. And it was awesome. I had an awesome job. Awesome social life. Time both to sleep-in and to take awesome vacations.

I’m not saying my life was better pre-babies. It was different. And my post-babies life is awesome in different ways.

But you ‘can’t imagine’ or ‘don’t remember’? What are you trying to prove?

1 thought on “‘I can’t remember life without kids’

  1. Christie Silver

    Well, it is such a different world that it is hard to remember sometimes. Life seems normal the way that it is, with babies. I sometimes tell my friends who are getting ready to start a family that they’ll never think about themselves again. Maybe it changes when they get a little older, I don’t know.


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