Hello Kitty, meet the Playboy Bunny

Sometimes, two things are incongruous for a reason. The photo below shows this all too clearly.


Photo sourced from style.com

So Hello Kitty and Playboy have teamed up to launch a range of limited edition products with fused logos – Hello Kitty now wears bunny ears, and the Playboy Bunny sports a hair ribbon. Obviously these are not aimed at children.

Or are they?

Interestingly, the launch party had ‘PG-rated dance numbers’. Err, why exactly? Were you expecting a bunch of tweens to gatecrash?

No, I do not seriously think that these products are aimed at kids. But what is downright distasteful is taking a children’s cartoon character and sexualising it in such a way. If we sexualise children’s cartoon characters, how far off are we from sexualising children themselves?

And, from another viewpoint, sexualising children’s characters makes sexualization all the more ‘normal’ for children – which it is not.

Let’s keep Playboy where it belongs – on the top shelf. Let’s keep Hello Kitty where it belongs – for kids. If you have a Hello Kitty sexual fetish that’s your prerogative, but please keep it in the privacy of your bedroom. Children should not have to unpack these sorts of issues – let them mature into adults first.

Not only will I be saying #notbuyingit to these fused logo products, I am now actively saying #notbuyingit to Hello Kitty kids’ products. Why? Because my children deserve better than to be associated with Playboy at the age of two.

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