‘Earthy’ v ‘Girly’ ?

Here’s an indictment of just how far pink is now associated with girls:


This is a an advert for wall decals, specifically a set that is a tree with some woodland creatures. The shapes available in each set are the same.

However, the bottom set has animals in green, blue, brown and grey. This is called ‘earthy’. Fair enough. Those colours are quite earthy.

The top set has animals in lighter colours: light green, light blue, light brown, and then some pink and purple.

What is the top set labelled? ‘Pastels’? ‘Daydream’? ‘Not-earthy’? No, because there is pink, there is only one description: girly.

Which is just odd. So ‘earthy’ is (in a charitable interpretation) for boys and girls, but if there’s a smidge of pink the set can only be for girls?

That’s either lazy marketing (goodness it’s hard to come up for description about pink that is not ‘girly’!) or a more-subtle-than-usual-but-still-pretty-obvious attempt to divide the market by gender.

God forbid that you’d put your baby boy in a room with a pink rabbit….

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