Sleep regression – nature’s birth control

For the past few months we have been seriously thinking about having a third child. No decisions made yet, and there are some rational reasons not to have number three, but despite those reasons I have been thinking fondly about being pregnant again and having another baby, probably my last baby.

Then, the 2 year sleep regression hit.

BabyBoy and BabyGirl’s sleep, which had been wonderful for so long, went completely haywire. Illness compounded by various other factors sent us reeling back to the time of broken nights and the torture of sleep deprivation.

I’d never heard about the sleep regression which is apparently common around the 2 year old mark. But now I can say, it’s real and it’s painful.

It reminded me of those first 10 months with BabyBoy and BabyGirl. For various reasons, it was 10 months until they both slept through. But more worryingly, it brought home to me that there is no magic time in this parenting thing when it all suddenly gets fine and dandy. There may still be times when it is really hard.

That thought has put the brakes on any immediate baby plans. For I have to be sure that I can cope with those hard times a third time…

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