Three Great Highchairs: Part 1

A highchair is an essential piece of equipment while weaning, particularly if you have twins. A good highchair will contain your child(ren) safely, bring them right up to table height, and be easy to clean.

With this is mind, my next three posts will set out my top three highchairs.

Number 1: Stokke Tripp Trapp

The Rolls Royce of highchairs, in my opinion, is the Stokke Tripp Trapp.


It’s definitely the more expensive option – the current price on is US$249 – but it is an investment worth making. I balked at the price at first – hey, we need two – but the imitations paled in comparison. (Grandma bought an imitation, but with no crotch bar and an overload of crevices it was not well-received.)

The Tripp Trapp is height-adjustable and comes right up to the table so BabyBoy and BabyGirl can eat with us, comfortably and safely contains them (the baby set and machine-washable straps make sure no toddler can escape), the footrest stops any numb legs, it comes in a variety of colours so it can match the rest of the furniture, and it has no nasty crevices to store crumbs. It even has an anti-tip device to help stop your toddler levering the chair back, and neatly pushes under the table so it takes up very little room. As an ‘investment’ (!) it lasts for ages – in theory even adults can use it (although if my 7 year old is still using it I will be happy enough) – and holds value well on the second-hand market.

The downside – well, the cost. There is no getting away from that. I would say, however, that the cushion is not necessary (just one more thing to get dirty) and neither is the newborn set (only useful if you want your less-than-6-month-old at the table).

Stayed tuned for Part 2!

*I wrote above that the imitations paled in comparison. I must qualify that by saying that as far as I know, the Leander highchair is very similar to the Tripp Trapp, and it has received good reviews from my friends who have it. However the Leander is, on amazon at least, even more expensive than the Tripp Trapp.

**I have no connection with Stokke.

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