Easy Craft 1: Bottle Shakers

I am not a craft-y person. Paint makes me shudder. Mess brings me out in metaphorical hives. But since BabyBoy and BabyGirl appeared on the scene, I have been taking (baby) steps to make art and craft part of our lives.

Enter a new series of posts – easy crafts. For me, the simpler the better!


These bottle shakers are unbelievably easy to make and provide a new toy for your little ones.

– empty screw-top plastic water or soda bottle, washed
– Sellotape
– tap water
– glitter / foil stars / sequins
– straws, cut into 2cm pieces

– Allow child to put stars / glitter / sequins / straws in the bottle. Great for fine motor skills, colors and counting!
– Half fill bottle with water.
– Screw top on and seal with sellotape.

And….that’s it!

Shaking the bottle makes a satisfying noise. It can be rolled and several can be lined up. The glitter, stars and sequins will fall to the bottom of the bottle while the straws will float on the top of the water – simple physics at it’s best!

Have fun!

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