Easy Craft 2: Stickers

My second post in the Easy Crafts series introduces the wonderful world of….stickers!


Sticker art is an easy, non-messy way of honing your toddler’s fine motor skills and inspiring creativity.

– paper
– sheets of tickers

– sit your child down at a table (to ensure that stickers do not appear in random places in your home, implement the ‘we only do sticking at the table’ rule)
– give your child a piece of paper and a sheet of stickers
– let them create!

Fine motor skills are practiced both by removing the stickers from the sticker sheet and placing them on the paper, so let them try and do it themselves. It doesn’t matter if it just looks like a random collage of stickers on the paper or if stickers are piled on top of each other – chances are your child will be inordinately proud of what they have made. We have several sticker pictures adorning our walls at BabyBoy and BabyGirl’s request!

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