Easy Craft 3: Coloring-In and Sparklebox

Coloring is an excellent way to hone your child’s creativity and pre-writing skills. With the right equipment, it can also be high on the list of no-mess, no-fuss arts and crafts.


The thing with coloring in for little ones, is that the drawings have to be simple. Like the one picture above. And the best thing is there is a resource which has such drawings available for free – Sparklebox.

Sparklebox (www.sparklebox.co.uk) is a website with free teaching resources. Head to the ‘Resources for Parents’ section for the coloring pages, or just click on this link. Print out some pages, arm your child with a selection of crayons or pencils, and off you go.

To prevent your walls being decorated by your budding Picasso, insist that coloring-in only happens at a table. To avoid the palaver of trying to peel paper off crayons or sharpen pencils, provide twistable versions as shown below.


1. Print out coloring pages.
2. Buy twistable crayons and pencils.
3. Set a ‘coloring at table’ rule.
….and you have a no-mess, no-fuss activity!

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