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Sometimes the simplest toys…


Uh-Oh… (Photo credit: Tugnutt)

….are the ones with the most longevity. BabyBoy and BabyGirl have all sorts of toys, many of which make all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds (thank goodness for volume and off switches) but two favourites that have been keeping their attention for months now are their stacking cups and stacking rings.

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To Playpen or Not to Playpen?

Like just about everything to do with parenting, the use of playpens is somewhat controversial. Useful tool to keep baby safe, or unnecessary restriction of freedom?

Well, in my experience, especially with twins, certain playpens are useful, but they have to be configured for you.

First, make sure it’s big enough. A small playpen will be no good once baby can roll / crawl, and if baby can’t roll or crawl then you can probably do without one – a playmat or popping baby in the crib while you nip to the loo will work just as well. It really needs to be big enough for at least one adult to get on there with baby, so that baby doesn’t associate it with loneliness.

To give you an idea of size, for our twins we actually bought two (Lindam Safe and Secure) playpens and fixed them together to make one giant playspace – the entire Multifamily can fit in it. Continue reading