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Third, and Fourth, Culture Kids

There’s a lot been written recently about third culture kids – kids who grow up in a culture which is different from that of their parents.

I was third culture kid…and my parents didn’t share a culture either. Let’s call that a fourth culture kid, to differentiate from kids whose parents come from the same culture, but live elsewhere.

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Charity is a tricky business

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) I have stuffed cash in donation boxes, contributed to a church donation drive, participated in a bake sale and bought tickets to a fundraising dinner.

And all this has brought up two issues:

1) Why do we so often need an incentive (in this case, cakes and dinner, but also things like people absailing and doing marathons etc) to contribute to a cause?


2) Can making children participate in charitable sponsorship activities (e.g. sponsored walks) be harmful?

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 17

My final Ten Thoughts Tuesday post is addressing respect.

1. Respect is something that come to the forefront of my mind since having children.

2. Regular readers will know that the lack of respect my mother-in-law shows me as a mother (and Multidaddy as a father) is one of the reasons our relationship is somewhat strained.

3. And whether it’s having children, or just getting older, I now also demand respect from people I associate with.

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Time to move on

As we near the end of April, the time has come to down pens (or iPhones) on our current blog challenges – Exercise Report Cards and Ten Thoughts Tuesday. Next week’s entries will be the last. It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.

Keep an eye out for new content as we move into May!

Ten Thoughts Tuesday 15

1. Today, I am reminded why I now limit watching the news.

2. In my pre-baby life, I was an avid news-watcher / reader / listener.

3. But now, well, I’m still too hormonal to deal with many of the horrible things the news brings into my life.

4. A single news item can prey on my mind for days.

5. I also feel the need to shield BabyBoy and BabyGirl, even though they’re too young to comprehend the words.

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The same, but different?

This is a controversial non-parenting topic, and before I start I want to say that I am seeking to understand, that I can be convinced by rational argument, that I am genuinely interested in different opinion. So please don’t flay me.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 11

TTTWe continue with the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge!

Here are this week’s musings:

1. Somehow I’ve ended up with a million things to do today and tomorrow, so this will be quick.

2. This week, the Steubenville, Ohio sexual assault case has caught my eye.

3. For many reasons which worry me as a parent.

4. But also because of the way some media reports have apparently focussed on how the offenders’ lives have been affected by the guilty verdict….at the expense of the victim’s life.

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