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The Grandparent Files – Rudeness

I have a fraught relationship with my in-laws at the best of times. I’ve attended parent coaching to try and improve things. I’m trying to forgive them for the mess they made around the birth of my children. I’ve let them come and visit four times in the past six weeks.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 13

TTTThirteen weeks in and I’m still continuing the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge…

1. This week, I am feeling sad.

2. Mainly because I feel like some of my ‘old’ family – parents and siblings – do not love my children ‘enough’.

3. We live far away from them, and all but two members seem reluctant to make trips to visit.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 8

TTTThis blog challenge enters it’s eighth week! Another Tuesday and another Ten Thoughts Tuesday post.

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This is going to be a random post as it’s almost midnight!

2. Parenting has changed my conversation.

3. Instead of discussing Italy’s political stalemate, this evening I found myself having an in-depth discussion on society’s messages to our children.

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The rational choice?

Multidaddy once said half-jokingly in his sleep-deprived state, ‘Why did we have children again?’

It is a question that has run unbidden across my mind at various times in the past 11 months. Not that I wish I hadn’t had children – on the contrary, as they have got older life with them really has got better – but it’s an interesting question. Mainly because I now realise that when Multidaddy and I discussed starting a family we were discussing the timing, rather than whether we should have children at all.

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