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The Grandparent Files: Casino Capers

I am not a big fan of the iPad for BabyBoy and BabyGirl (although I fully intend to make use of it on plane journeys – anything is better than screaming kids in a sardine tin in the sky). It tends to make both of them, particularly BabyGirl, hyper and they start displaying addictive behavior.

My mother-in-law, on the other hand, sees nothing wrong in that flashing screen.

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Parenthood – The Great Trade Off

There are so many things we want to give our children.  But sometimes, reality makes that really really hard.

‘Expert advice says no screen-time for the under-2s…I’ve got a long plane journey with a wriggly 18 month old.’

‘I’m not supposed to add salt to my baby’s food…all the bread in the supermarket has salt listed on in the ingredients.’

‘Everyone says open-ended natural toys are the way forward…Grandma has just turned up with a piece of battery-powered noise-and-sound-making piece of plastic.’  Continue reading