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Multiple Bedrest

Recently the question ‘Is bedrest essential during a multiple pregnancy?’ seems to have been asked a lot. It’s a question with divided answers – some doctors have a blanket policy of putting all multiple mummies-to-be on bedrest after a certain point (eg 28 weeks), others take a more relaxed approach. And there are different types of bedrest – ranging from strict (no getting up even for meals) to modified (see below).

Now whether or not you go on bedrest is ultimately a question for you and your doctor – in some cases it is no doubt needed. But strict bedrest is not a fun experience for mum, so I would urge you to talk to your doctor and make sure it is medically justified in your particular circumstances.

What is certain is that multiple pregnancies are very taxing on mum’s body. For me it often felt like my body was just not designed to carry two babies at once. My skin stretched like you wouldn’t believe. My shoulders, knees and back ached from the extra weight. A year on I’m still repairing the damage to muscles and joints.

So with all this happening, plus all the internal changes (extra bloodflow, having to nourish two growing babies etc etc) taking it easy is very important. Whatever you think you can do, half it. Chances are you will get a lot more tired than you think, even if you don’t feel it immediately.

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Goodbye My Body

This is a lament. Sorry.

I admit, I’m not completely happy with my body post-babies. Oh things have mostly gone back into place, but I now have a very wrinkly, stretch-marked tummy.

I almost cried when the midwife looked at me and said, ‘Your bikini-wearing days are over’. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, ill….and to top it all off now I couldn’t even wear my own clothes.

I keep telling myself that at least I have the option to cover it up. I did get back into my other pre-pregnancy clothes quickly – I lost a lot of weight in the first trimester so by the time I’d gained it back I could only put on a few more kilos before the babies were born. And virtually all that weight was babies – I deflated once they were born and at my 6-week checkup weighed less than I had before I conceived.

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Weaning – ‘If they’re making sounds, they’re not choking’

As the time for weaning neared I began to think, ‘I’ve got two babies at once, it would be really useful if they could learn to feed themselves as quickly as possible’.

I was then thrilled to discover the idea of baby-led weaning, which is basically missing out purees and starting with finger foods from 6 months.

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‘Double trouble’

It’s a phrase heard over and over when people find out that you’re expecting or have twins: ‘double trouble’.

Personally I find it incredibly annoying. Any humour (is it meant to be humorous?) is lost on an expectant mum of twins. I would smile wanly when someone said that to me in my pregnant state, and then cry at home to Multidaddy – expecting twins was enough of a shock without everyone saying it was going to be awful.

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