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The Importance of Monitors

I was a bit iffy about baby monitors for the first few weeks after BabyBoy and BabyGirl were born. In fact, for around 6-8 weeks I didn’t use one at all. At night they slept in our room, during the ‘day’ (ie until we went to bed, often after 10pm due to feeds) they slept in moses baskets in the living room.

The trouble was, in my hyper-aware-control-freak state every snuffle was a cause for peeking into the baskets to see what was happening.
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Confinement – a good thing?

I’d heard a lot about the practice of confinement in some Asian cultures, and I’ll admit that before and during my pregnancy I was extremely sceptical about the idea of staying at home (or as I understand they have in some places, a confinement hotel) for a month after giving birth, with a confinement lady cooking traditional, supposedly sustaining meals for the new mother and looking after the baby.

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Those first few months

It’s hard to admit, but my first few months with newborn twins were not the most fun I’ve ever had.

And not having the most fun led to another feeling, guilt. I felt that I should be enjoying it. As the pregnancy got tough I’d consoled myself by thinking I would enjoy it. But there was a (large) part of me that wasn’t. Continue reading

‘It changes your life’ – Part 1

My friend looked across the dinner table and said in answer to being asked what it was like to have a baby – ‘it changes it your life’. It is only now looking back that I realise what the expression on his face was. Ambivalence. Continue reading