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Sleep training – live report 7

Multimummy would be losing the will to continue with sleep training had it not been for:

(a) suddenly feeling much better as the virus runs its course; and

(b) discussing the (lack of) progress with a friend, who points out that maybe it’s time to stop picking BabyBoy up during night checks – ‘He’ll know you’re there if you just talk to him / pat him’. And more hearteningly – ‘You’re getting to the end stages of sleep training, when you don’t need to comfort him quite as much’.

Well, let’s hope she’s right. Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 6

Did the next step take us to the finishing line? Sadly no. Live report 6 brings a tale of perhaps half a step back.

Multimummy’s virus is at its zenith (she hopes) but the rest of the Multifamily remain healthy. So BabyBoy’s sleep training continues in this new way of splitting monitor and checking duties. Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 5

Night 5 of sleep training (or more realistically night 3 given the lapse a couple of nights ago…)

Multimummy is still unwell. So worried is she that she will pass on the virus to BabyBoy, thus thoroughly derailing the sleep training, that Multidaddy is again going to take charge of checking on BabyBoy although Multimummy will have the monitor. Poor tired Multidaddy. Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 4

The night after the night before…

Multimummy is officially unwell. However, after last night she is reluctant to let Multidaddy take the sleep-training reins. She might have control issues. Or she might be right. Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 3

The night we caved and set ourselves back.

Multimummy isn’t feeling well as night 3 approaches. Two nights of sleep training has taken it’s toll. Listening to crying wears you out more than you realise.

To help, Multidaddy offers to take a turn. Multimummy will still have the monitor by her ear, but if anyone has to get up Multidaddy will do so. Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 1

As night approaches the die has been cast, tonight we are going to start the graduated extinction method.

Multimummy puts out a clock on the living room table, a bottle of water, a notebook and a baby sleep book. She’s decided that during this process she’s going to give up on sleep once BabyBoy wakes up, and instead sit up with the monitor on, ready to time the intervals between going in to check he’s ok. A notebook is used to note down the minutes and to write down any observations. The baby sleep book outlines the method – she will have it ready to refer to during her vigil. Continue reading

Sleep training – live reports

Things are about to get controversial…

Most of the sleep training info I’ve read has lots of quotes from parents who’ve been through the process (whether it’s worked or not). This is a bit different, because we’re in the middle of sleep training BabyBoy. Continue reading