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‘Double trouble’

It’s a phrase heard over and over when people find out that you’re expecting or have twins: ‘double trouble’.

Personally I find it incredibly annoying. Any humour (is it meant to be humorous?) is lost on an expectant mum of twins. I would smile wanly when someone said that to me in my pregnant state, and then cry at home to Multidaddy – expecting twins was enough of a shock without everyone saying it was going to be awful.

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Confinement – a good thing?

I’d heard a lot about the practice of confinement in some Asian cultures, and I’ll admit that before and during my pregnancy I was extremely sceptical about the idea of staying at home (or as I understand they have in some places, a confinement hotel) for a month after giving birth, with a confinement lady cooking traditional, supposedly sustaining meals for the new mother and looking after the baby.

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Hormones. Essential perhaps, but how do they play havoc with the body…

Looking back over the last 18 months, I can now see how terribly hormonal I was. I have the utmost admiration for MultiDaddy for dealing with me. Wow, was I a mess.

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A new blog

Afterninemonths is about life – with babies. But the truth about this life, not the sugar-coated version that most people/books/films/society seem to project. I hope to include the things I wish someone had told me before I embarked on this phase of my life.

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