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Dear son, don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you

I imagine that I’ll be sharing this with BabyBoy in the future. Well said.

Dear son,

Don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you.

Don’t let any of these pigs and perverts you see on TV be a lesson to you. They treat women like garbage; they possess no chivalry, no self control; they are disloyal and dishonest; they spend all day pursuing pleasure at the expense of others, and they encourage you to do the same. You might be tempted to follow suit. In fact, you WILL be tempted. These male pop stars and celebrities, look at them, you’ll think. They take advantage of emotionally broken, self loathing, confused young women, and they are rewarded handsomely for it. Look at their nice clothes and their nice cars. Look how they are admired and loved. Look, they treat women like trash and other women fawn all over them because of it. This must be how real men behave, you’ll think.

And you’ll be wrong. Continue reading

Blurred Lines?

Here’s the thing about parenthood – things that in your pre-baby life didn’t really bother you suddenly assume far greater importance once you have another human being (or two) to bring up.

I’ve had a blogging break over the summer, but the whole Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus controversy has spurred me back into action, because I’m now imaging what I’d say to my children should they stand by and ask “What’s this all about, Mummy?” Continue reading