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Regular readers will know that I’ve been writing a lot about sleep recently, as (unfortunately) we’ve had to sleep train BabyBoy.

So I just wanted to share a wonderful piece of news – this morning BabyBoy and BabyGirl didn’t wake us up until 7.03am! That’s the first time we’ve hit the 7am mark, which I’d all but given up on doing, making my peace with settling for 6am.

The world truly is a better place once you’ve had proper sleep…

Surviving Sleep Training

There are no two ways about it, sleep training involving tears is hard. Hopefully you won’t have to do it (BabyGirl didn’t really need it) but if you do (as we had to with BabyBoy) hopefully the following will help you:

1. Be ready. This is key. It took me a long long time to be fully convinced that BabyBoy needed to be sleep-trained. We ran the gauntlet of trying everything else before we turned to the graduated extinction method. It is important that you have convinced yourself that baby is not getting hungry during the night, and is not ill, teething, getting used to a new room / routine, going through severe separation anxiety…or anything else you can think of that might mean sleep training is not appropriate. Listening to baby cry will make the question ‘what is wrong?’ reverberate around your mind, so think about it in advance. If necessary, write down a list of things you have considered so that you can reassure yourself during the night that, yes, rationally you think sleep training is now needed.  Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 27

Have we made it?

Everyone settled well, and like last night although Multimummy was aware of shuffling around from 5am, it wasn’t until 6.15am that both BabyBoy and BabyGirl really woke up. Then there was some very cute playing between the two which took us to 6.40am before the day officially started.  Continue reading

Sleep training – live report 26

Feeling less guilty…

Another pretty good night. Ok, so Multimummy was being hypersensitive and only dozing from 5am as BabyBoy was shuffling around, but no-one really got up until around 6.20am…and then amazingly BabyBoy resettled so the day didn’t officially start until BabyGirl woke up everybody (she did a great job of sleeping through) at 6.45am.
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Sleep training – live report 25

A tale of progress…

Everyone settled well on night 25. At some point during the night Multimummy heard someone stir – but it was minor, the memory is vague and the only real clue is that the monitor is off the charging stand when she is woken by BabyBoy at……wait for it….. Continue reading

Sleep training – live reports 23 and 24

Night 23 was more of the same…early morning waking by BabyBoy. The question then loomed, what else can we try??

The only thing we could think of was the theory of changing his sleep patterns during the night. This is done by disturbing baby earlier in the night, so that hopefully he’s in a deeper sleep by the time early morning rolls around.

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Sleep training – live reports 19 and 20

I’ve let two days elapse in this sleep training log as the plan is now to move BabyBoy’s bedtime earlier and we moved it back only five minutes on night 19 (unintentionally, life got in the way) and then 10 minutes last night.
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