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Throw them in the trash

My ‘guilty pleasure’ is reading glossy tabloid weeklies. Pages that I can just leaf through without engaging brain. ‘News’ which is so trivial, it is entertainment.

I’ve always said, however, that when BabyGirl and BabyBoy get old enough to notice these magazines, they will no longer be in the house. For I do not want them growing up thinking the real world is only about Hollywood celebrities, fashion and beauty aids.

But I may be throwing them out sooner, for my own sanity.

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Goodbye My Body

This is a lament. Sorry.

I admit, I’m not completely happy with my body post-babies. Oh things have mostly gone back into place, but I now have a very wrinkly, stretch-marked tummy.

I almost cried when the midwife looked at me and said, ‘Your bikini-wearing days are over’. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, ill….and to top it all off now I couldn’t even wear my own clothes.

I keep telling myself that at least I have the option to cover it up. I did get back into my other pre-pregnancy clothes quickly – I lost a lot of weight in the first trimester so by the time I’d gained it back I could only put on a few more kilos before the babies were born. And virtually all that weight was babies – I deflated once they were born and at my 6-week checkup weighed less than I had before I conceived.

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