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Time to move on

As we near the end of April, the time has come to down pens (or iPhones) on our current blog challenges – Exercise Report Cards and Ten Thoughts Tuesday. Next week’s entries will be the last. It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.

Keep an eye out for new content as we move into May!

Ten Thoughts Tuesday 15

1. Today, I am reminded why I now limit watching the news.

2. In my pre-baby life, I was an avid news-watcher / reader / listener.

3. But now, well, I’m still too hormonal to deal with many of the horrible things the news brings into my life.

4. A single news item can prey on my mind for days.

5. I also feel the need to shield BabyBoy and BabyGirl, even though they’re too young to comprehend the words.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 13

TTTThirteen weeks in and I’m still continuing the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge…

1. This week, I am feeling sad.

2. Mainly because I feel like some of my ‘old’ family – parents and siblings – do not love my children ‘enough’.

3. We live far away from them, and all but two members seem reluctant to make trips to visit.

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Ten Thoughts (Almost) Tuesday 12

TTTYou know you’re tired when you start writing a post…and then fall asleep before you remember to finish it. However, I’m sure it’s still Tuesday somewhere in the world, so here’s this week’s Ten Thoughts Tuesday post:

1. This week, Victoria’s Secret has popped up on my radar.

2. Now, when I have visited the US (as a college student and older) in the past I have loved stocking up on VS stuff, which is difficult to get hold of outside the US.

3. But this week there has been a flurry of controversy over the ‘Pink’ line and the ‘Bright Young Things’ campaign.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 11

TTTWe continue with the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge!

Here are this week’s musings:

1. Somehow I’ve ended up with a million things to do today and tomorrow, so this will be quick.

2. This week, the Steubenville, Ohio sexual assault case has caught my eye.

3. For many reasons which worry me as a parent.

4. But also because of the way some media reports have apparently focussed on how the offenders’ lives have been affected by the guilty verdict….at the expense of the victim’s life.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 10

TTTThe random-ness of the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge continues!

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This week, I’m thinking about body image.

2. Not so much to do with me, but how it affects young girls.

3. Barbie is under fire yet again for promoting an unrealistic body image.

4. Which may be true, but I’m of the mind that how your mother deals with her body image is likely to have a more profound impact on a child’s body image than a doll.

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 9

TTTAnother Tuesday and another Ten Thoughts Tuesday post.

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This week, airbrushing has caught my attention.

2. I do think it is getting out of control – we can no longer look at a photograph and think we’re looking at something real.

3. Which is bad enough for adults, but how can you convincingly explain to a child that some photos are just ‘pretend’?

4. For an illustration of just how far airbrushing / photoshop has gone, check out this link (please be aware of some strong language in the notes below the pictures).

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday 8

TTTThis blog challenge enters it’s eighth week! Another Tuesday and another Ten Thoughts Tuesday post.

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This is going to be a random post as it’s almost midnight!

2. Parenting has changed my conversation.

3. Instead of discussing Italy’s political stalemate, this evening I found myself having an in-depth discussion on society’s messages to our children.

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