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Goodbye My Body

This is a lament. Sorry.

I admit, I’m not completely happy with my body post-babies. Oh things have mostly gone back into place, but I now have a very wrinkly, stretch-marked tummy.

I almost cried when the midwife looked at me and said, ‘Your bikini-wearing days are over’. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, ill….and to top it all off now I couldn’t even wear my own clothes.

I keep telling myself that at least I have the option to cover it up. I did get back into my other pre-pregnancy clothes quickly – I lost a lot of weight in the first trimester so by the time I’d gained it back I could only put on a few more kilos before the babies were born. And virtually all that weight was babies – I deflated once they were born and at my 6-week checkup weighed less than I had before I conceived.

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