‘Ex-Career Girl Mothers’

As a mother who, in her pre-baby life, had a successful career, I have days when it pains me to be a SAHM.

Not because I’m not enjoying it. Right now, it’s an active choice that I’m making. But because, hey, there’s all this brain-power that I have, and I feel like it’s going to waste.

Waste? I hear you cry. How can it be a waste to expend brain-power in raising children?

Yes, some days it does feel like a military operation, as I navigate parenting books with the same diligence that I perused corporate documents in my former life; as I schedule playdates and preschool classes with the same precision as former conference calls and meetings.

And, yes, sometimes this minefield that is motherhood does seem to demand the same intellectual gymnastics as as a scientific paper.

Some days, I don’t need convincing that I’m using my brain.

But sometimes, the thought creeps in that I’m just one of Bridget Jones’ ‘Ex-Career Girl Mothers with their Competitive Child-Rearing’.

Sometimes, a little voice whispers, ‘If billions of people do this job, then it can’t be that difficult, right?’

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