Sleep training – live report 2

Night two approaches and Multimummy is half-hopeful. After all, BabyBoy had managed to fall asleep by himself eventually the night before…

At 4.40am Multimummy is woken by BabyBoy stirring. She watches on the monitor. He cries hard for 4 minutes and then calms down. Then he starts softer cries. He lies down. He sits up. He whimpers. Sometimes he almost seems to be asleep. This cycle continues until 5.50am.

At 5.50am the cries begin to work up. Multimummy, who has been hovering over the monitor for over an hour, now pores over it. She moves to the living room in readiness to go put everything down and go into the nursery. 10 minutes pass and 6am has arrived. Still she waits, maybe, just maybe, BabyBoy will settle, he’s got so close…

6.15am and BabyBoy still hasn’t settled, but there’s been no intervention all night. Progress of a sort. The curtains are opened and a new day begins.

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