Sleep training – live report 14

All was quiet in the deep dark wood….

Ok, I’m very tired and for some reason have the children’s book The Gruffalo going through my head. But all was quiet (apart from one tiny squeak) until 5.30am.

At 5.30am it all seems to happen. BabyBoy starts to stir. BabyGirl wakes and needs a nappy change.

Around 5.40am BabyBoy seems to resettle…..he’s lying down quietly in his normal sleeping position…

….but at 5.50am he’s clearly awake. As is BabyGirl.

By 6.15am Multimummy starts feeding BabyGirl. As she’s been unwell her feeds have been erratic and she’s probably hungry.

The Multiparents allow BabyBoy another 15 minutes to try and resettle, but to no avail. At 6.30am another day begins.

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