Exercise Report Card 8: ‘Feeling Fat’

It’s been a busy busy week. Days have been chock-full of appointments, meetings, classes. But there’s no getting away from it – now, when I don’t exercise, I ‘feel fat’. Or maybe ‘bloated’ is a more accurate term (since not exercising for one or two days is hardly going to magically make me fat). Or ‘sluggish’. Or…whatever it is, it sucks.

Monday: no exercise.

Tuesday: 40 minutes Pilates.

Wednesday: no exercise. The ‘fat feeling’ really begins to hit.

Thursday: exercise or sleep? Exercise or sleep? BabyBoy had a bad night. It has to be sleep. Despite the fact that I’ve lost no weight this week and feel rubbish.

Friday: 40 minutes Pilates. Thank goodness, but still feel I need to do more.

Saturday: hike planned but friends changed plans (to meeting at a coffee shop!!) at the last minute…

Sunday: start 1 hour hike….BabyBoy is not happy and lets us (and everyone around us) know….decreased to 30 minutes with a break for the kids to play.

Fate, life, something seems to be conspiring against my exercise this week…. Roll on next week, that’s all I can say.

10 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 8: ‘Feeling Fat’

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