Ten Thoughts Tuesday 13

TTTThirteen weeks in and I’m still continuing the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge…

1. This week, I am feeling sad.

2. Mainly because I feel like some of my ‘old’ family – parents and siblings – do not love my children ‘enough’.

3. We live far away from them, and all but two members seem reluctant to make trips to visit.

4. I know I’m biased, and in my eyes my children come above everything.

5. And I know, rationally, that everyone else has their own lives.

6. That doesn’t stop it hurting though, when I see my children deprived of their relatives.

7. ‘But you should come home,’ is the repeated cry from the relatives.

8. Well, that isn’t going to happen soon, for many sound reasons; but feeling that you don’t have an interest in my children doesn’t make me want to go ‘home’ any more.

9. Sometimes being far away from ‘home’ really really sucks.

10. But it does also force me to create my own new family unit.

8 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday 13

  1. Valerie

    What’s also bad is when your mother and siblings don’t come and see your kids or call to plan that we meet them somewhere….when they live only 20 minutes away! 😦 Such is my life.

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