Ten Thoughts Tuesday 4

TTTThe last Tuesday of January dawns and with it another Ten Thoughts Tuesday post.

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This week has been all about starting a diet.

2. I’ve come to realize that I need to reign in my portion sizes that have been getting out of control, and stop eating ‘pre-emptively’.

3. I can’t say I’m happy about it though.

4. Children’s exposure to media has also been occupying my thoughts this week – something bothers me about a 7-year-old singing some of those pop songs out there.

5. But then I’ve always been one to focus on the lyrics. 

6. And I know that most of the time the meaning of the lyrics goes straight over children’s heads.

7. Mother-in-law visited over the weekend – a new Grandparent Files post is on its way!

8. We are completely swamped this week – how did things get so busy?

9. A consequence of being swamped is that I really need to catch up with what’s going on in the world…

10. And, as ever, I am somewhat sleepy as I write this.

12 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday 4

  1. Valerie

    Oh, portions are so strange, aren’t they? How in the world is 1/2 cup of ice cream a serving?! LOL More like 1 1/2 – 2 cups should be a serving, if you ask me!
    The only questionable band we let our 12 year old listen to is One Direction. There are some songs that are inappropriate (and she knows it) and we’ve discussed why they’re singing what they are and also shared our views on such things with her. Sex stuff, mostly. 🙄 But they’re a boy band, so what’re ya gonna do? 😉
    Uh-oh, another grandparent file? I know what that means. :/
    Get some rest!

    1. multimummy Post author

      Oh dear, this shows how out of the loop I am…I know of One Direction but can’t say I’ve listened to any of their songs! (Or maybe I have on the radio, but didn’t realize it was them….) Seem to be set for world domination from what I’ve heard…

      1. Valerie

        Haha, I wouldn’t know who they were except that I have a pre-teen child!! 😉 Yes, they are CRAZY popular! But, you know how boy bands are…it won’t last forever. But some of their songs are actually really good! This is a nice one:

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